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TERMS & CONDITIONS (Downloadable Version and associated forms at bottom of page)


Cats can only be accepted if they are in good health and you are able to bring with you a Certificate of Vaccination that confirms that the cats first-time inoculations, all courses, have been completed before the first day of boarding. Annual boosters should be done as far in advance as possible. (If in any doubt please call us) Your vaccination documents will be kept until you return. No cat will be accepted unless it has been inoculated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. You may wish to have your cats vaccinated against Feline Leukemia and Chlamydia, although these are optional. Vaccination certificates will be inspected at every visit and held for the duration of the stay. Owners must ensure that the vaccinations have had sufficient time to provide immunity (minimum 14 days after primary vaccination course, and 2 days after boosters) before start of boarding.

All cats should have been treated for fleas and wormed recently. Should any cat on arrival require treatment for internal or external parasites (fleas, worms etc) then a charge will be levied for this.


No male or female cats over 6 months old that have not been neutered can be accepted. Any current or ongoing problems with a cat’s health or temperament must be notified to us at the time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse any cat that we consider to be of an unreliable temperament, or sick at the time of boarding.


Should it be necessary at our discretion for a vet to be called for any new or existing health condition prior to boarding, all fees incurred are the responsibility of the owner. Veterinary bills incurred through unrelated or pre-existing conditions, diagnosed or not, will be the responsibility of the owner. Payment of these fees will be required on collection. We reserve the right to consult a Vet at anytime if we feel your cat may be in stress or trauma through illness, all costs will be passed to the owner. All cats are left with Old Oak Cattery at the entire risk of the owner.


To maximize security and the privacy for boarding guests, viewing is by appointment only.We operate a fire policy which is available on request, please also see our Services Page for information on how we would react to an emergency such as fire. We do use photographs of your cat on our website, we only use their name. Please contact us if you have any objections to this.

5) FEES...

Fees are charged per day including the day of arrival and departure. Should a cat be collected before the booked departure date, the full occupancy fee will be charged. Payment is required in full upon collection. A non refundable deposit of £20 per cat per week of stay is required to secure your booking. If you have to cancel within fourteen days of arrival, the full charge is payable, which you may be able to claim on your travel insurance. We do not charge for administering basic oral or topical medication or grooming, however these must be in clearly labeled containers stating the cat’s name, the frequency and dosage requirements and completed in full on the booking form. Cats requiring injectable medication can be catered for as we have a pre-existing arrangement with a local Veterinary Practice that can administer these at a small service charge (see veterinary release form). Whilst we are prepared to administer any necessary medication as prescribed by a Vet and will do so with the greatest of care, we will not accept any liability for problems arising as a result of the medication given.

For all Veterinary requirements we use a local practice that we use for our own pets. We can arrange if practical for your cat (see veterinary release form) to see its own Vet for a service charge if within a 10 mile radius. All cases that are beyond this radius will result in only local Vets being used to minimize any stress on the cat itself.

To enable Old Oak Cattery to perform its obligations as set out in this agreement, the customer agrees:

i) To provide us with any information reasonably requested regarding the health and behavior of their cat(s).

ii) To give permission to contact their Vet for advice if their cat shows any sign of illness and for treatment to be carried out by Old Oak Cattery’s Vet at the owner’s expense.

iii) To comply with all other requirements as set out in the Terms and Conditions.


Any cats not collected within 14 days of the date on which they are due to depart, and where no communications with the owner has been successful, the cat will be re-homed at the discretion of Old Oak Cattery and all costs will be passed to the owner.

7) FOOD...

Please let us know at the time of booking (see booking form) if you are providing your own food or what your cat likes to eat and if they are allowed treats. We Endeavour to follow their usual feeding regime so their stay with us does not upset them in any way. If they are on a prescription diet, then please make sure you bring enough with you for their stay. This goes for any medication that they require as well. Fresh water and litter is available throughout the day.


We provide climbing frames and activity toys as well as lots of love and cuddle throughout the day, but if your cat has a favorite toy, please bring it along! We also have bedding, but again, to keep your cat happy, we suggest you bring along their familiar bedding.


Cats must be in secure carriers at all times whilst on the premises, please attach a label to their carrier with their name on it.


In an emergency situation we will try to contact the emergency number provided by our customers so that person can participate in any decision to be made about the cat. Where that person is unavailable the management of Old Oak Cattery will make what it considers to be decisions in the best interest of the cat, where possible in consultation with the cats’ own veterinary surgeon. Where the cats own veterinary surgeon cannot be contacted we withhold the right to contact and take advice from Old Oak Cattery's own veterinary surgeon.


We accept cash (GBP), cheques with guarantee cards. Credit and Debit card payments are welcome as are BACS payments.


We are closed on Wednesday and Sundays and for the rest of the week we are open between 9am-12pm but within these times it is by appointment only.


On receipt of the signed Terms & Conditions above and deposit payment and associated forms we will send you an official signed receipt as acknowledgment of payment and contract being signed.

We require a copy of this contract to be signed by every customer before boarding their pets. It is legal and binding in nature, so please read carefully and fully before signing. We also require the booking form and veterinary release forms to be completed and signed as part of this contract. You can download these documents via the link below.


The time spent with us is also a holiday for your cat, so we aim to make their stay as pleasant as possible. If you have any questions or requests - within reason - please let us know!

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