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About Old Oak Cattery.


Trudy & Adrian are very proud to welcome you to our luxury cattery.

Our vision has always been to ensure we have the best cattery facilities in the country. We have experienced first hand as cat owners the conditions in some catteries that are trusted to look after much loved cats whilst owners are away.

We wanted to create a much happier, safer, hygienic, loving and fun place for cats to be cared for.

We have put in a great deal of effort to make sure we have staff who have a vast knowledge of Cats, and their many different needs, in order to make their stay with us a wonderful experience. So, when we decided to build our brand new cattery, we sought advice from experts and organisations who care for cats, and companies that manufacture catteries, to make sure we invested in the very best facilities.

Being located in a very traditional Suffolk Village our facilities are not huge. At present we have multiple double pens in two separate buildings, a further series of larger pens are available in a third building. Two buildings have 5 and 6 pens and the third has two pens with plans to add another two in early 2019. All buildings are double glazed, insulated, heated and well ventilated. Our guests are housed over three buildings which creates a calm and relaxed environment which are all visible from our home.

Why us?

  • We don't need to advertise.
  • We work mostly on recommendations.
  • High level of experience.
  • Professional Refererences available.
  • Customer References available.
  • Low volume = high attention.
  • All pens visible from our home.

Recently completed unit offering greater flexibility and a holiday retreat for larger families.


We are rewarded everyday by wonderful visitors and amazing sunsets.

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