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Old Oak Cattery Services and Support Features


Our units are UPVC double glazed, insulated and heated with each complex having its own kitchen area for food preparation and cleaning.

All our runs wherever our guest is the design provides views over the garden from the front of each run.

Each pen has an internal mesh door that has double locks to provide added security. No run faces another, we designed it this way to ensure a nervous cat was not stressed by looking onto another pen.For more information please see our other pages.


Old Oak Cattery is equipped with both a fire alarm and basic fire fighting equipment such as Foam, Powder and blankets. It is our policy that in an event of an emergency such as fire we will in the first instance where safe to do so tackle the problem with the in-house equipment. If it is unsafe to do so all pens are equipped with fire blankets, which each cat will be wrapped in and removed to our home or other safe building. In the unlikely event that rescue in such a manner is not possible and where we deem necessary all cats will be released via windows and doors and emergency services called. Every effort has been made to ensure the safety of our cats, for added comfort the owners husband is a trained fire fighter volunteer at a local airfield


We are more than happy to collect and drop off our guests who live within a 15 mile radius of our cattery. A minimal charge is applicable and can be found on our 'Prices' page.

We are experienced drivers with over 52 years of driving experience between us and always take great care to transport our guests in suitable carriers that are safely secured in the vehicle. Our vehicles are insured for business use and as such offer a very high level of protection in the event of a road incident.

We are happy to use your own carrier if we feel it is suitable and possible to restrain by our fixed point anchor belts. Our restraints secure the carrier by three points to prevent forward, sideways and tipping motions.

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